How Safe Are We {by Joshwa Victor ANANGWE}

THE theft incidence that occurred last Saturday early morning, almost made some two fellows lose their lives through student mob justice. This showed the reality of what many students undergo in this institution.
It was around 4 am when I started feeling uneasy in my blankets. I started losing my part in those enveloped sheets in the name of sleep. Suddenly I felt like involving myself in a shouting mass of humanity. I realised that it was not a dream. The shouts and the yelling sounds filled my mind. I could not take it any more in realisation that it was a real life situation and happening in real time. I hurriedly left my room in my pyjamas towards the yelling crowd. The story started.
The culprits were on the run up after being spotted in hostels A and B stealing mobile phones and computer accessories. Several students started shouting and complaining of their lost properties within a short time thereafter two guys were discovered within the vicinity. One of the suspects claimed to be a student of law from annex after being confronted by the angry mob. He had come over for a visit to a friend who also claimed to be a student in the school of technology, however rumours were that the latter had been expelled sometimes back under similar circumstances.
According to one of the victims, who lost a handset, the suspects were spotted hiding in hostel A under a staircase after the alarm was raised. On approaching the two, they were discovered to be in possession of crude weapons. This made him to flee and alert the rest.
They had been spotted with a small bag which was later found to be holding around ten handsets. The bag was found in a ditch near Soweto Cafeteria when they were being chased.
The recent insecurity occurrences such as the infamous mashoka attacks, together with the attack of a lady behind the students centre and now thieves getting access into our rooms, one can only wonder what will happen next. These incidents remind us of many others especially cases of lost mobile phones and computers. The big question is how safe are our properties in our rooms when a key can afford to access a number of rooms.


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