False ‘Falls’ – BY OKEMWA N Sebastian

AS a rock splits through the soiled water, a drop I had been (presumably) following from upstream takes to flight and lands in yet another pool. It will later either join millions of others like it stranded stagnantly on one side or join a fast flowing channel to ‘places beyond’ on the other side.
I’m meditating here today so though there is a recollection in my mind of chuckling voices as they enjoy splashing water on each other, I pay little attention; they do that all the time; in lecture halls, cafeterias, banks even in church besides the excited male voice drooling behind me over some lass upstream is rather annoying, I elevate my angle of view and drool silently too, what?
The little drop probably seeped through some crack and joined the rest into a stream, clean and probably pure as the first year lady holding back from the continuing male student who held her hand as they came, graduated to the shoulder and the newly acquired target is the waist; annoyingly obvious, the lady pushes him playfully and I make out a few words among them ‘damn!’ from the dude who follows the now hiking lady
The drop must have met obstacles on the way, rocks, weeds, name them but it has come this far regardless, there were many drops like it that were absorbed by the soil or fetched for mere domestic work, or splashed on some ‘Lamborghini’ upstream
The drops that make it to the falls have different destinies too, some will give rise to life and be the doctors to sustain it, some will evaporate and come back different, re energized (you’ll be surprised to see what the drop has become some years down the zig zag line), some will be part of something great; a larger water body perhaps or become the force behind the turbines that will drive the economy of an ailing nation and there are those that will disappear into nothingness
The falls just gives them then the means; on one hand the momentum to go further and on the other hand a false feeling of well being just as drugs would someone.
Unfortunately for the drop it acts on no will of its own but you do, you can choose not to be carried to stagnation by weeds, rocks, the reluctant fellow drops or the chuckling so that Campus is only a feeling and not an experience for you.
You can choose to take a different path- you can choose to sustain life, you can choose to be part of something great, and you can choose to use the momentum the falls gives you to go further. Freshmen (and ladies) welcome to ‘falls’ make it REAL!

The writer is a 3rd year English Literature major


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