How to Spot that ‘FRESHA’ – by ORWA Marcel

THERE is one thing about novelty; you cannot fail to take notice. You know, the brand new shoes, the new hairdo, the new phone, and so on… New things have an appeal you cannot miss, that’s just how it is. Lately, Campus has been graced by freshmen and as fresh or better still as ‘new’ as they are, one cannot help but notice, picture this:
You are at the notice board and someone asks whether IRD 100 is a common course, that someone is a fresha.
You make your way through your normal rounds, when someone stops you asking for directions to the most common spots. Yup! You guessed it, that someone is a….
You cannot help but notice someone seated on a bench somewhere around Soweto Hostels, then later on come across the same person still on a bench but this time, around student centre probably whiling away, drowning in boredom need I say it, that someone is a…
You eves-drop on a group of adventure seekers, plotting their next big challenge-an expedition to the famous falls or Kesses Dam or an exploration of Mubbs just to check the place out. If you are thinking my next line is “that group is thronged with freshas, then you are catching on.
You are getting the hang of this but for this next one you would have to be deaf not to notice, somebody answers a phone call and when asked where they are they go like “Niko dorm” and then you pause to ask yourself did they just say dormitory instead of Hostel? That someone is definitely a… now you’re into the drill.
Finally someone stops you and inquires for directions to the Campus Hospital, you notice that she’s down with flu, she is probably adapting to the climate around here. You know what am going to say next..
I take this opportunity to welcome all first years to main campus and let you know that your presence is acknowledged. To all continuing students just remember that not so long ago you were that fresha .

The writer is a 3rd year-journalism major


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