For the Love of The Game – by ANANDA Laban

How many of you had a look at my Facebook status after the hard night of May 28 when the English Giants were shown how football is played and counter attacks never work all days? It was when the Red Devils could not withstand the wave of the Catalans at Wembley. If you did not have a look at and drop a comment, then let me have you informed.

Father, creator of heaven and earth, In it you put football, I come before you in faith and for the love of the game that you may look all over and see Messi. See, he works hard to bring down big names like Van Der Sar, Iker Casillas, among others as he has done to Almunia. This is crime against football fraternity. It is my prayer that you touch his heart that he may have mercy on people’s careers and blesses me that I be the father of a Kenyan ‘Messi’ that Kenya needs.”

That prayer is indeed painful but I had the premiership to hold on. All over again, the European football is back and the ardent fans we are, the Students Centre will be the place to spend our weekends, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays’ nights because of the love for the game. The scarves, team jerseys with names big football icons is the swagger as many are ready to deny us the title and don’t want to believe that you won’t end up saying ‘mtatuona next season.’

Back home, two weeks ago, Kenyan football had its memories brightened as the sugar-milky derby hit the waves and sirkal were the favourites. If Nyayo hosted over 15k fans, think of Kenya with good football management, many would want to be identified with Chingwe as we do with Barcelona, Arsenal among other football giants of EUFA. KFF elections are set this august and the many of us who may take part in it to have a vision of good Kenyan football.

We all have passion for the game as we shall be found glued to the screen watching him and if given chance we can also play like them. This draws me to my proposal to our sports director. Last year, we had the VC cup that only lasted one week, can our director set up league for our sports that will engage us the whole semester than wait for that one week. The many faculties can form the varsity league allowing us expose our talents competitively instead of watching none of our own. It is embarrassing to have Kenya play Somalia or Djibouti to qualify for the 2014 world cup.

All said and done, remain loyal to Arsenal, Man city because my house and I are not going to ditch Man-U soon. Love the game, defend your team, argue and boast about it but don’t do it to the extent it causes you stress when Barcelona will be beating every other team around with you included. A friend told me that I should respect and love Messi, if not, I get stressed. Is that a fact?

The writer is a 3rd year, FRENCH major 


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